What they're saying

  • CB is doing graphic design for me for about seven years. If you are looking for a graphic designer, who not only can design but can actually think, create and contribute to projects, CB is the man for you. I would just suggest that don't just take my word for it but get CB, give him a go & take it from there.

    Stephen Atcheler
    CEO, Shore Agents

  • I have been working with CB from Elesent for about 5 years now. He has always done a great job. He is good at what he does. He knows graphic design. The designs are always coming on time, look great. He figures out exactly what we want. He is awesome at what he does.

    Adam Scott
    Managing Director, Reval Estate Agents

  • I have been working with CB from Elesent for many years now. All I can say that this guy is too good. From banners to landers to everything you can think of honestly, he knows his stuff. Thank you a lot and of course, I put the car in the background because dude I want to show that successful people are working with you and you did great work man.

    Yaniv Khalfon
    Director, Social Solutions

  • Just want to take this time to recommend CB from Elesent. I have been working with him from probably last five years. He has done websites, banners, etc all sorts of work for me and have always been on top. I would recommend him.

    Luke Abbott
    CEO, William Abbott Developments

  • He built a website for me, also made a couple of custom forms. His services have been great. I highly recommend him.

    Jarvis Robins
    Founder, Static Electrics

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